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  • « 我们一开始想在加蒂诺买房子的时候找了几个中介,弗朗索瓦最热情也很有耐心,了解到我们的需求以后,帮我们找了很多符合条件的房子,一个一个带我们去看,每一个细节介绍得细致入微。周末也陪我们去看。在买房的过程中还帮我们砍价,为此我们省了不少钱。我们不通法语,但是在弗朗索瓦的帮助下,整个交易过程中没有遇到什么问题。感谢出色的工作!   When we started looking for a house, we contacted several brokers, Francois was the best. He was very hospitable and patient to us. He helped us find a lot of houses matching our requirements, made several tours one after another, and introduced every detail to us. He ... »

    by Daniel Wang
  • « Adam and Lantin, what a great team! They not only sold our house in Hull, but supported us in our search of a new home that met our needs. We were thinking Gatineau but they helped us find opportunities in Aylmer, where we’ll be settling soon. It’s been a ... »

    by Silvana Valentone
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